Friday, August 10, 2018

Emily de Molly August Collection (Part 2 of 2) - Swatch & Review

Part 2 of my swatch and review of the Emily de Molly August Collection. I have broken up the post into 2 parts because of the picture-heavy nature of swatches. This post contains the polishes Right of PassageSubdued Delights, and The Maze and the Hightower.

Part 1 with Ashes From FlamesDancing Through SundayMemories of Midnight, and Positive Contact can be viewed here. 

Emily de Molly August Collection (Part 1 of 2) - Swatch & Review

I was asked by the lovely Hayley of Emily de Molly to swatch the August 2018 7-piece collection.

The collection is a varied mix, with polishes ranging from thermals, magnetics, holos, and flakies... What they have in common is that they are all stunning, and as always, apply perfectly with a  2-coat formula.

I am breaking up the post into 2 parts because of the picture-heavy nature of swatches! This post will contain: Ashes From Flames, Dancing Through Sunday, Memories of Midnight, and Positive Contact.

Part 2 will cover Right of Passage, Subdued Delights, and The Maze and the Hightower. You can view it here. 

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Polish Pickup Aug 2018 / You Have No Power Over Me from MckFresh Nail Attire - Swatch & Review

Mckfresh Nail Attire have drawn upon the film 'Labyrinth' (which was inspiration of their inaugural collection way back when!) for this month's Polish Pickup theme of Musicals and created You Have No Power Over Me! Purchase information will be at the bottom of the post.

All 3 states of 'You Have No Power Over Me' in natural direct sunlight

Kate has drawn inspiration from this movie still and if you've ever seen this Bowie / Connelly 80s classic I think you will agree with me about it being bang on!

Still from the movie 'Labyrinth' / MckFresh's inspiration image

Sunday, July 22, 2018

How to use Magnetic Nail Polishes - Tips & Tricks / a TIWSHTME post

A new TIWSHTME post, magnetic polish edition! If you're wondering what that appalling mouthful is, it is my acronym and tag for 'Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me Earlier', aka when I do a post compiling tips on how I approach a certain nail-related action that took me a while to learn. Basically a how-to guide, with things often not mentioned in tutorials. Here we go.

...about using magnetic polishes

How-to / Tutorial
  1. Find the strongest point of your magnet. Mark that end using a permanent marker so it is easy to find. Patterned magnets usually have a marked area to be used already. This can be done by applying your magnetic polish on a swatch stick and rotating your magnet ends / poles to see what reacts the most strongly. The pattern created by the magnet depends on the axis (direction) it has been magnetised.

    Bar magnet from Tonic with strongest spot marked in blue

    My ring magnet creates a cool circle shape when I hold the flat side parallel to a magnetic surface.
  2. Ring magnet with flat surface marked in blue
    Pattern created with ring magnet (blue lines mark magnet position) on polish bottle

  3. Shake your polish! If it has been sitting longer than 5 minutes, shake it again. It helps the magnetic particles to spread evenly through the bottle.
  4. Apply thin layer. Cap your nail tip with polish. Let dry fully. An alternative to this is putting down a a black creme polish and letting it dry fully.
  5. Shake bottle. Apply thicker layer evenly, making sure there are no streaks on surface. This time you do not need to cap the tip - this should help with the streaks. This step should be done as quickly as possible. If the polish needs clean up, save it for later. You are trying to manipulate the magnetic particles in the polish before it dries.

    Holding bar magnet diagonally across nail length on swatch wheel
  6. Hold marked magnet point 8mm - 15mm parallel from nail surface for 60 seconds in your position of choice. You may wriggle magnet slightly around the surface of your nail  if you have a strong C-curve so the magnetic pull is distributed evenly.

    Ring magnet tool with 'handle' created from 2 bar magnets snapped together in use over swatch wheel

    Side view of ring magnet tool. Coloured markings on bar magnets are strongest pull point.
  7. Wait until polish is mostly dry. You can go back at intervals to repeat step 4 (for 10 seconds instead of 60 seconds) to coax back any drifting particles into place.
  8. Apply a quick dry top coat and repeat step 4 (and 5 if needed). Until polish is completely dry, which can take a few hours, the magnetic particles might continue to drift. A thin first layer and allowing polish to dry as well as possible before top coat helps to aid total dry time.
  9. Clean up!

Miscellaneous Tips

  • If you want to apply a topper like a scattered holo, I suggest waiting until polish is completely dry to do so. Each time you apply a new layer of polish, the solvent in the polish 'melts' the polish below, so when you use a magnetic polish the particles move. This is why I use a magnet after top coat. When a polish is completely dry it is less likely to be affected by a new polish layer.

  • Apply polish in steps 4 & 5 one finger at a time. This ensures you have enough time to magnetise each nail properly.

  • If you screw up, let polish dry fully and add a new coat and try again. An extra coat can be easier than starting over and getting little sparkle bits everywhere.

  • You can tell when a magnetic polish is fully dry when the particles look finer and more dull. The polish surface looks flatter rather than 3d.

  • You can use a third hand / soldering tool to position your magnets so you don't have to hold them. Personally I keep knocking into the magnets this way as I have shaky hands, but it works for other people. 
  • After you have mastered the basics, instead of a first layer of polish or a black creme base you can add any other polish (cremes work best) colour to produce a different final effect. Colours that either contrast or complement the magnetic particle colour work best here. I particularly like using Tonic's Happy Beginnings which is a blue squishy creme. 

Different magnets, different shapes
Here are some of the patterns created by different magnets.

Pattern 1: Bar magnet diagonally over the tip of nail
Pattern 2: Ring magnet over the tip of nail
Pattern 2: Ring magnet over the tip of nail
Pattern 3: The round end of double-sided magnet
Pattern 4: Wavy lines using patterned nail magnet (#4)
Pattern 5: Flower using dual-ended magnet pen
Pattern 4: Wavy lines using patterned nail magnet (#4)
Pattern 5 & 6: Flower and stripes using dual-ended magnet pen

For the stripes (pattern 6), I moved it very slowly once down the nail. The flower (pattern 5) on the opposite side of the pen tool just needs to be held in position for 30 seconds once before lifting directly upwards so the design doesn't move on nail surface. For whatever reason the smaller magnet doesn't need to be renagnetised after design or top coat and still holds the pattern, I am not sure why. 

P.S. The polishes used in this post are magnetic multichromes from Tonic Polish - Here comes the Sun and Drag Race if anyone is wondering!

If you have any questions or points that you are wondering about, feel free to drop a comment and I'll respond to the best of my abilities. Good luck!

Polish Pickup August 2018 / 3 Words One Song from Emily de Molly - Swatch & Review

After the month of July off, the Polish Pickup is resuming in August with the theme of 'Musicals'. Emily de Molly have picked Disney's 'Frozen'. 3 Words, One Song is described as "a pale purple with strong turquoise overlay, iridescent flakes and silver holographic micro glitters."

Purchase information will be at the bottom of the post!

'3 Words, One Song' by Emily de Molly in natural shade / indirect sunlight

An image of a stage production of Disney's Frozen, which was the polish inspiration

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Polish Pickup August 2018 / Agrabah from Femme Fatale - Swatch & Review

After the month of July off, the Polish Pickup is resuming in August with the theme of 'Musicals'. Femme Fatale have picked the classic Disney cartoon Aladdin! Agrabah is described as "yellow-toned warm terracotta with a strong pinkish glow and brilliant red iridescent shifting flakes."

Lots of photos of this polish, including it being used as a topper to follow. Purchase information will be at the bottom of the post!

Collage of Agrabah by Femme Fatale / Polish Pickup Aug 18
Femme Fatale's inspiration screencap from Aladdin of the city of Agrabah

Monday, July 9, 2018

Unicorn Pee Galore! Cirque 'Coronation' vs Tonic 'Serendipity'

Are you a fan of Unicorn Pee?

If you're wondering what on earth I am blathering on about, here's a link to a reddit thread about it. It's basically a famous pigment with a distinct red-to-green shift that originally appeared in the nail polish Clarins 230, and later a dupe by Max Factor called 'Fantasy Fire'. I own Fantasy Fire, which has since been re-released under the same name but without the 'pee'. 

The nail polish community affectionately referred to this rare, gorgeous pigment as 'unicorn pee' or 'UP' for short due to its magical look. The pigment's sale has been discontinued as it started to be used in US currency I believe, although there are many similar pigments of a larger particle size available for sale. These are called 'aurora pigments' or 'UP dupes', and dupes with a different colour shift, like green to pink, or blue to purple, are termed 'UP siblings'. 

However, some of the older polish brands have had some hoarded original pigment which always creates a real splash, and high demand, when released in new polishes. In the last year the Indie Polish world got very excited over the limited editions of Cirque 'Coronation' and Tonic Polish's 'Serendipity' (from their Unicorn Pee collection) which contained the OG pigment. I wanted to photograph them side by side to show the pigment in different colour bases. 

Indirect Sunlight / Natural Shade